Baby Bump!

We are officially 35 weeks pregnant! There’s nothing really new to update. Baby girl is still doing great. I am doing alright. All is well with us. We’re just buckling down and preparing for the craziness to hit.

Today we took a few pictures of us so we can remember the baby bump in years to come. I think they turned out pretty good for two non-photographers!


More Baby Stories

We are trying to write down our pregnancy memories so we don’t forget them. Unfortunately for readers, these aren’t going to be very exciting for you to read. However, just bear with us and things will get more exciting after the baby arrives.

We let the baby listen to music through headphones on my belly everyday since it is supposed to be good for their brains. We’ve found these really amazing lullabies created by a company called Rockabye Baby. They take rock songs and turn them into baby-friendly lullabies. We’ve had her listen to all sorts of different bands and songs, but her favorite is “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen. This song makes her squirm and wiggle like crazy! We think it’s because it has a lot of high-frequency sounds in it, but it could just be because she has good taste in music. 🙂 We are actually quite amused by the whole thing. She also chases the music around if we move the speaker. It’s pretty neat to watch her move around to keep her head by the music. Funny baby!

The other night Rascal and I fell asleep in my bed. We were both laying on our sides and he was providing some GREAT support for baby! She doesn’t like it when I lay on my side without a pillow under my belly because she likes to feel supported while I lay down. Rascal was the BEST belly support ever! It was pretty funny because she settled down on top of him and he just stayed there and let it happen.

She’s getting bigger and bigger in there and has managed to get herself stuck while turning around a few times. It feels like she’s attempting a three-point turn, but now she’s too long to do it in the corner of my belly where she’s used to turning around. The other night I was laying on my side in bed and she attempted to flip around and got stuck. She immediately started having a “temper tantrum” and kicked and punched frantically until she could right herself. We got a good laugh out of it.

Well folks, that’s all for now. Hooray for baby!

A Funny Story

I just remembered a funny story that I want to be able to remember one day down the road. Sometimes, pregnancy is hilarious. And sometimes it makes you cry. Then you laugh afterward because it was so hilarious that you were crying. This is one of those stories.

To preface this story: 

I was having really horrible nightmares where the baby would be laying in my belly all calm and sweet, then would get startled suddenly and start trying to escape from my stomach. She would be punching and kicking and breaking my ribs in her wild attempt to free herself from my belly. I would wake up crying because the dream felt so real and so scary. 

On to the story:

Grayson really really wanted to see the movie “Prometheus.” I reluctantly agreed to go with him (after being told that he was SURE it was PG-13, which it is not, and would not be too scary for me.) and was fine until it showed one of the characters having his arm broken. I live in constant fear of seeing someone break a bone. (As a kid, I saw my brother fall off a trellis at our grandparents’ house and break his arm. It was very gross and scarred me for life.) I instantly got a little teary (I blame the hormones) and was a little upset that they would show that in the movie. I was able to calm myself down after a minute and keep watching. Then, IT happened.

A scene came on showing the main female character trying to abort her baby, who just happened to be an alien-the baby, not the lady. It started trying to escape from her belly after it realized what she was trying to do to cut it out. Cue the visuals of my very vivid and scary recurring nightmare. I instantly started sobbing. As soon as he saw what was about to occur, Grayson grabbed my head and buried it into his chest so I couldn’t see what was happening. He kept whisper/yelling, “Don’t watch! Keep your eyes closed! I will tell you when you can open them! KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED TIGHT!” The people behind us thought we were totally crazy. There I was, crying uncontrollably (as quietly as I possibly could) with Grayson patting my head and panicking because this was truly his worst case scenario for what could have happened during the movie. As soon as the scene was over and he let my head go, he started apologizing and telling me that we needed to go. 

Movies are too expensive nowadays to just get up and leave over a little bit of a pregnancy-induced panic attack, so I decided to stay and tough it out even though Grayson was willing to leave. He told me that he couldn’t even enjoy the movie after IT happened when we were leaving at the end of the show.

I’m still laughing about this incident a month later. Sometimes, something so funny happens that it should get you your own reality TV show. And this was definitely one of those things.Image

The Bump

So I wasn’t going to post any pictures of what my baby bump looks like because I feel kind of silly about it. Everyone keeps telling me that I don’t look pregnant yet, but I think it’s just because A) they are being polite and B) I wear a lot of high waisted skirts at work so it disguises the bump a little. I am definitely feeling pregnant. As I type, the little one is squirming around like a crazy thing in there. She’s a firecracker, that’s for sure.

Here it is, in all its glory.

Baby Girl Adams: Mover and a Shaker

Grayson has been saying “You should write that on the blog!” a lot lately and I have ignored him until just now. I figured I probably should listen to him and write a little bit about what has been going on with baby. Prepare yourself for a lot of fragmented stories.

This little one has been a bundle of energy since day one. During my first ultrasound at 8 weeks she was already moving around. The ultrasound tech was laughing because baby was moving her little paddle arms and legs around and having a tiny raver party in there. At that point I realized that we were in trouble.

The doctor has never been able to get the baby’s heartbeat easily because she will not stop moving around. As soon as the doctor can get a heartbeat, baby girl somersaults away. We usually spend 10+ minutes trying to get a steady heartbeat. Naughty baby! 🙂

Baby moves all over the place all the time. We lay around and watch my belly move like crazy because she will not calm down. She’s a very active little gal. I have a hard time sleeping at night because she is too wiggly for me to be comfortable.

She is very particular about the way that I am sitting/laying. If she feels at all squished, she gives me some swift kicks to let me know that she is NOT happy. After I reposition she will calm down. She also doesn’t like when my bladder gets too full. (Too much information, I know.) I get kicked in the bladder until I go to the bathroom so she has more room.

Grayson wanted to see if he could hear her moving around so he laid his head down on my stomach with his ear pushed against it. After a few seconds, I could tell that baby was feeling too squished and I told him to move his head because she was getting irritated. He didn’t listen and kept listening to her movements, then WHAM! She gives him a big kick to the head. It was hilarious.

A few days after that little incident, Rascal was laying on my belly and she kicked him pretty hard in the belly. He stood up and gave her a little nudge back with his paw. At that moment, a great rivalry was born.

Obviously, I am concerned about what is going to happen when she gets bigger. She is already feeling like she doesn’t have enough room and it’s only going to get worse. Sorry baby!


Cute As A Button

Blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately. Sorry family! Here’s a quick update about everything that has been going on with our family lately.

Mom’s Info:

Age: 22
Birthday: April 2nd
Birth Place: Salt Lake City, UT

Height:: 5′ 4″ (and 3/4″!)

Dad’s Info:

Age: 29
Birthday: December 2nd
Birth Place: Dallas, TX
Height: 5’11”

How did you find out you were pregnant?: Took a test at home. Had a heart attack because the positive result was not expected.
How many?: 3
What were your first symptoms?: I felt very tired.
Who did you tell first?: Grayson

Who was with you when you found out?: I was by myself.

Was baby planned?: Nope. It was a big surprise!

How far were you when you found out?: About 6 weeks

Due date: November 10th

Do you want to know the sex?: Yes
Do you know the sex?: We find out tomorrow!

Any names?: Yes, but we’re not telling.
Any ultrasounds?: 1
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes
Who do you think baby will look like?: I think the baby will probably look more like me.

Have you and dad felt baby move?: I have, but Grayson has not.

Did you have morning sickness?: I have all day sickness! Still.

Did you have any cravings?: Pickles, carrots, fruity drinks, Sprite, anything salty
Did you have any mood swings?: Not too often. I have had a couple, but nothing too intense.
Any complications?: Other than being sicker than I ever thought was possible.
Formula or breastfeeding?: Breastfeeding.
Have you bought anything for baby yet?: We bought the outfit to bring the baby home from the hospital in. We just don’t know which one we’re keeping yet since one is for a girl and one is for a boy.
When did you start to show?: I am still not really showing.

How long could you wear your regular clothes?: I am still in regular clothes.

Who will help with baby after their born?: Grayson
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?: Feeling the baby move
What is the worst thing about being pregnant?: Being so sick
What’s one thing you miss doing since being pregnant?: Sleeping!
Any days you wish you weren’t pregnant?: No
Are you ready for baby?: That’s a scary thought! We’re not ready yet.

Do you have insurance?: Yes.
Do you talk to your baby?: Sometimes
Have you had your baby shower yet?: I had a shower with my family when I was out in Utah visiting.

Do you like kids?: Yes
How far along are you now?: 19 weeks


We find out the gender of Baby Adams tomorrow! HOORAY!

And Then There Were Three. And a Rascal.

Rumor has it that something is going on at the Adams’ house.

I am here to confirm that all the rumors are true.

We are, in fact, having a baby.

So now click this link and watch the funny video of us telling my Dad and my sister.

The Announcement

Their delayed reactions were hilarious.

Because we weren’t able to tell everyone else in person, we didn’t get videos. However, we are SO thankful for Skype and that we got to see their faces while we told them our news!

Grayson’s Popo had a great reaction that I wish we could have recorded: “HALLELUJAH, Grayson!”

So, ta da! There you have it. Baby Adams will be arriving in early November! We still don’t have an official due date, but we’ll update as soon as we know.

For those of you wondering what Rascal is going to do, my best guess is that he’s going to run away from home to make us remember how much we love him. He’s tricky like that.

I Won the Lottery! (Sort of)

I have become the worst blogger on the face of the Internet planet. You know how you think that everything is so exciting when you are very first married because it’s all new to you? Well, now that we’ve got some time under our belts, I’ve realized that we don’t do anything exciting because it’s all “normal” now. So, to catch everyone up on the events of the last month (again, because it takes me a minimum of 30 days to come up with some good blog-worthy material…sad) here I am again. To bore you with our normal-ness.

A couple weeks back I went to this slammin’ sale at the Zotos Warehouse here in Geneva. My co-worker, Moe, went with me and we had so much fun! We showed up at 7:00 AM (I didn’t know that time existed on Saturdays) and ended up waiting in a pretty long line for over an hour and a half to get in. I wasn’t prepared for the wait outside and was wearing moccasins with no socks—POOR planning! I thought I was going to lose a toe or six before we got inside, but somehow my feet managed to maintain enough blood flow to not turn black and fall off (I’m thinking that there had to be some sort of magical hair product wizard at work, warming my little tootsies so I wouldn’t wuss out). Once we got inside it was a total madhouse, but so fun! Like Black Friday, except better. You buy a canvas bag for $2 and then fill it with as much shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and other hair products as you can. Then you pay $15 and leave feeling like you won the lottery because you just got a TON of salon hair products for dirt cheap. I may have done a crazy happy dance in the parking lot because I was so excited. I had so much fun the first time; I made Grayson go back with me later morning to fill up another bag. We have enough hair products to last us for at least a year. Grayson has enough hair gels, pomades, waxes, etc. to last him for forever. Plus enough left over to leave to our children in his will.

Also, one of the perks of my job is that I know a lot of people in the community, which means that I have some nice hook-ups when we need stuff. One of my favorite patients just happens to be a Zotos employee, so she scored 66 cans of dry shampoo for me for $5.00! I was dying of happiness inside. We did the math and she got me $462 of dry shampoo. It was like Christmas came early. Grayson didn’t match my crazy lunatic level of excitement, so I was a little disappointed. All you ladies can see why this is super awesome, right?

In other news:

We have just been working and playing and relaxing. And trying to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Mother Nature and I are BFFs right now. Except for the slight bug problem upstate NY is having because of all the warm weather. I’m already covered in mosquito bites and I generally like to wait until a little later in the season for that to happen.

My dad and baby sister are coming out to visit soon, so we are planning for that. I am SO excited to see them and show them around our new home. Not that there’s anything too exciting to see around here, but still. We’re thinking Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen, Cornell University/Hipster Capital USA, the Church sites…we’ve got a full agenda planned, so get ready for the best weekend of your LIVES, you two!

Katie (the baby sister) turned 16 yesterday! I can’t believe it! She’s the cutest, smartest, fanciest 16 year old I know. Happy Birthday, fancy girl!

365 Days.

Last Sunday, we had our 1st anniversary. Hooray! We had a really fun weekend to celebrate 365 days of marital success! Writing about our anniversary feels like I am going to have to say something really mushy and gross. I am fairly sure that you don’t want to read a post about how super fantastically amazing I think my husband is. I won’t bore you with the details. Just know that he is super fantastically amazing and really cute and that I like him. A lot. Hooray for cuteness!

The original plan was to go somewhere, but that didn’t pan out. So we stayed home and had a really fun time staying in town.

Grayson took me shopping and told me to pick out a couple of things as his gift to me. We ended up getting him some things too and we had a great time shopping together.

We got dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Syracuse. Yes, we drove an hour to get some delicious Texas-style (ish) food. And it was worth it. They have the BEST rolls!

I made cupcakes because we had cupcakes instead of cake at our wedding and didn’t save any because there was no way for us to get frozen food all the way across the country. The cupcakes were really good! I asked Grayson what color frosting he wanted on them and his choice was blue. I showed him the pink sprinkles I had and he still insisted that the frosting needed to be blue so they were less girly.

We saw a movie in Rochester and ate at Chili’s on Monday. (It’s funny what you miss when living far away from home. My family used to go to Chili’s all the time because it was right down the street from us and I miss it now!)

It was a long, nice and relaxing weekend. We were very excited to have made it to our first milestone. In true mushy anniversary fashion, I will say that I am very excited to celebrate many more anniversaries with my sweet husband.


I know that it’s January. Don’t judge me.

We had the wonderful opportunity of going to Utah for Thanksgiving last year. I miss Utah. The mountains, access to all sorts of stores, highways that get you places quickly, neighbors who know other people in the neighborhood and wave at you as you drive by…

Oh yeah, and my family. I miss them too.

We had so much fun hanging out with everyone!

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house with our extended family. It was a lot of fun and so nice to be able to sit down and spend time with all of them.

I wish I had more pictures of what we did with my Dad, but I guess we weren’t thinking about pictures at those moments. We got to see Anonymous  at a real movie theater (which was very exciting for us) with my dad on Thanksgiving. After the movie was over, I went Black Friday shopping with my mom, sister, aunts, and cousins. It was crazy, but we had a great time! My sister and I drank 5 hour energy shots before we went. Long story short, not a good idea.

We assisted my mom by putting Christmas lights up on her house and I conquered my fear of heights by getting on the roof and helping Grayson! Then I got stuck coming off the roof (BLAST these short legs!) and my mom’s cute neighbor had to come save me because I was way too scared to take a small leap off the roof and let Grayson catch me while he stood on the top of a ladder. This was his plan. Not kidding. (I conquered my fear in a way that I got up high once and will never do that again.)

We met my dad’s cute new pup Kota who I like to refer to as Rascal 2 since he’s basically a mini-Rasc. We shopped at Tai Pan because I love and miss it so, went to DownEast, and hit up Cafe Rio because I am still convinced that it is food for the Gods. Pulled pork salad, be still my heart!

My sweet cousins, aunts, and grandma had a DBYOP (don’t bring your own pictures) Party for me and did my wedding scrapbook, which I love. I have looked at it quite a few times and am really grateful for all their help! While the girls were doing that at my house, Grayson got to go down to Provo and hang out with his friend Luke, so he was happy also. Hooray!

We helped my mom, brother, and sister set up their Christmas tree and had a good time. Especially since their tree didn’t fall over. 🙂 My baby sister and I decided that this was the perfect time to wear matching outfits and be awesome. We were right. (See photos above and realize what a high level of awesomeness you are viewing.)

The only thing we didn’t do that I wish we had been able to do was see my aunt Connie. She’s in the process of kicking the pants off of cancer though, so she wasn’t able to make it to Thanksgiving dinner. If you are reading this, I love you Connie!

It was a great trip! I can’t wait to go back and visit again!